Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jane Austen addict, Courtney Stone, has an "out of body experience" after finding her fiancé in the arms of her wedding caterer and drowning her sorrows with Absolute. No, literally! Courtney finds herself not only in the body of a woman named Jane Mansfield (I laughed too!), but in another country and another century as well!

Suddenly Courtney/Jane is in the England of Jane Austen, forced to deal with the formal manners of society and the lack of modern conveniences. We are taken into a world where many of the things we take for granted would be considered scandalous!

Enter our hero. Or is he - the handsome, sexy, mysterious Mr. Edgeworth. Courtney/Jane finds herself with sweaty palms and lusty thoughts whenever he appears on the scene. The novel is well written, historically well researched, and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride. I loved it and can't wait for Laurie's next book.

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As a renowned psychologist, researcher, counselor, and the Chief Content Advisor for the Dr. Phil Show, Dr. Frank Lawlis has been involved with families and counseling for nearly 40 years.

The goal of this book is to help parents channel their love for their children effectively in order to raise children who aren't so "entitled" or behavior problems, or teens who aren't rebellious. This sounds like a tall order, but this book has real world ideas and solutions. The techniques and strategies offered in the book are taken from the work Dr. Lawlis does with families at the Lawlis and Peavy Centers for Psychoneurological Change.

The book contains assessment tools and questions for parents to answer to find out the truth about where they are with parenting. It is a "must read" for any parent.

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THE ABDUCTION by Mark Gimenez

The plot of the novel is one that could have been ripped out of the headlines of any major newspaper in any major city across America, any day of the week. 10-year old star athlete Gracie Brice is kidnapped after her soccer game right from under the nose of her soon-to-be-billionaire and genius father, and the other parents of her teammates.

Mark Gimenz has the reader's hearts in their throats as he takes us into the world of the parents and of the FBI, as they struggle to understand the abduction. Gracie's grandfather, retired Viet Nam war hero, Ben Brice, has a special connection with his granddaughter. He knows she is a survivor and a fighter. He firmly believes she will be found when all others have given up hope.

The plot of the novel takes unexpected twists and turns, leaving the reader breathless with anticipation. This is a well-written work of fiction, and you will find yourself rooting for Gracie as if the case were happening in your hometown.You will also see into "the heart of darkness" that was the Viet Nam War. At the conclusion of the novel, you may have insights into what must be the reality of that war and the nightmare tortured individuals who came out of it alive.

Note: Usually when I read a new novel, I see the main character as an individual, not as any actor, but from the minute I met retired Col. Ben Brice, I saw him as Bruce Willis! The character fits Willis like a glove.