Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Next week on INSIDE THE WRITER'S CAFE we will dedicate the show to those of you who want to be published and don't know where to start.

Jodi Thomas will be our guest. She is the Writer in Residence at West Texas A & M University in Canyon, Texas. Jodi and I will be giving you information about the WRITER'S ACADEMY 2010: WRITING TO SELL FICTION: The Facts About Fiction. We discuss the five classes, the instructors and how the Writer's Academy is different from a writing "conference."

The Writer's Academy is being held on the campus at West Texas A & M June 14 - 18. Registration is underway. Classes are limited to 15 students! If you're interested, you can call the University at (806) 651-2037 and ask for Continuing Education or you can go to the website www.wtamu.edu/oce.

The next guest on the show is author and editor Hal Zina Bennett. He has published more than thirty books. His latest book, WRITE STARTS: Prompts, Quotes, and Exercises To Jumpstart Your Creativity, is wonderful. If you're a writer or teaching English, this little book is just jammed with great ideas. The book consists of four elements:
*Short prompts - writing exercises of a few paragraphs
*Story prompts - basic skeleton or suggested story arcs for writing stories or even whole books
*Longer readings - writing exercises that provide thought-provoking lessons and observations about the art and craft of writing
*Quotes from famous authors about the inner processes of successful writing.

This is a must-have book for anyone who writes or wants to write!

She’s Crazy, He’s A Liar by Cecily Knobler and The Practice Room by Susan Zeidler.

She’s Crazy, He’s A Liar: A Single Girl's Guide To Understanding The Sexes examines the breakdowns that occur in male/female communication. The author of the book, Cecily Knobler, is a stand-up comic, a radio host and humorist based in LA. She writes columns on pop culture, love, sex and relationships for a number of magazines, both online and print. She has just appeared at the prestigious "Just For Laughs" comedy festival in Montreal. This book is anything but "the same old thing" about relationships! Cecily brings personal experience and a great sense of humor to a subject that is difficult at best.

The Practice Room, explores an otherworldly, musical voyage of a teenage girl against the background of modern historical events. I really liked this novel. As a matter of fact I just gave it to my across the street neighbor for her daughter, Casey, to read. Susan Zeidler, the author, is such an accomplished individual. She brings not only her talent as a writer and journalist, but also as a musician to this story. The target audience is adolescent, but I enjoyed reading the novel as well. She ties music to recent history in a story of searching and discovery.

To hear my interview with Cecily Knobler and Susan Zeidler on my internet radio show INSIDE THE WRITER’S CAFÉ on webtalkradio.net, click on the link.


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