Saturday, November 3, 2007

THE AGE OF SPEED: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World by Vince Poscente

I could hardly put this book down. Vince Poscente has such an interesting message about the speed of our lives! He uses many stories and examples of how the speed of society is affecting us and, in many cases, adding to already high stress levels. The hypothesis is that we should change the way we view both speed and time. We need to think in more of a “value-based” way about the choices we make about using our time and energy.

Vince talks about the “blur” between home, business, leisure and family time. He also discusses that we are using a mindset about time that comes from the 50’s! He identifies four styles of utilizing time: Zeppelins (resist speed); Balloons (resist speed but are often successful because of the nature of the business); Bottle Rockets (start fast and burn out); Jets (learn to use speed and agility for success). Vince gives real world examples and his ideas are intriguing. I found myself really interested in his ideas and I’m going to try some of them! I think this fascinating book will equally captivate you.

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