Monday, November 12, 2007

FULL A BULL: Sage Quips For Business and Life by John Skelton

The language of Texas is filled with unique sayings. This book documents some 120 tried and true "Texas-isms." John Skelton takes these old sayings and uses them to illustrate various areas of work and life. This is a delightful and fascinating book, whether you are from Texas, moved here from another place, or just like a good story with some humor attached to it.

America's stress levels keep rising for any number of reasons. Research shows us how important humor and laughter can be in all areas of our lives. I have personally done research into how the appropriate use of humor and laughter benefits us mentally and physically. Google "humor and health" and you will find an unbelievable number of medical studies linking what we think and illness. John Skelton provides an opportunity for laughter with an undertone of a serious message. Laughter makes any message memorable. I think you will find many messages you will remember and be able to apply to daily living in this book.

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