Thursday, November 8, 2007

MOVING UP TO MILLIONS: The Life Calculator Guide To Wealth by Kathleen Connell

I enjoyed talking with Dr. Kathleen Connell and she really gave me something to think about. Her book is a fascinating, well-researched guide with on-line support.

The "Life Calculator" is available to anyone, so go to The Life Calculator allows you to really see where you are and figure out where you want to go. In the book, Connell discusses issues facing all of us like extended longevity, second careers, the idea that we will never "retire"(in the strictest sense of the word) as well as "what-if" scenarios and Life Calculator Profiles based on interviews with thousands of "real" people. If you have a number in your head that you're saving toward because you think that's the "magic bullet" for retirement, forget about it! Accumulating wealth is something we all need to know more about and this book, supported by the Life Calculator, gives you so much information.

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