Thursday, November 1, 2007

THE SLEEPING DOLL by Jeffrey Deaver

There are some authors whose books I buy because I enjoy the kind of books they write. Jeff Deaver is one of those authors. Man, does that guy know how to tell a story! His latest novel has a female detective, Kathryn Dance, as its main character. I really liked her and was surprised that a man could write a female character that felt so authentic. No offense, Guys!

She is a brilliant kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation. She interrogates a really creepy and believable sociopath, Daniel Pell, just prior to his escape from prison. The chase is on!

Deaver is a master at plot and plot twists. Characters do things you don't expect and it all adds to the suspense of the plot.

I am not gong to disclose much about this book, other than I couldn't put it down. Want to make that airplane fight shorter? Pick up a copy of "The Sleeping Doll" and the time will literally fly!

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