Sunday, January 6, 2008

ACCESSORY TO MURDER: A Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper Mystery By Elaine Viets
I like Elaine Viets work. Her mysteries are fun to read and I have reviewed several of them. One of the interesting twists in this book is that Elaine's mother actually was a mystery shopper! Elaine says in the Author's Note that her character, Josie Marcus, "is a mystery shopper the way James Bond is a spy."

Josie Marcus and her friend Alyce Bohannon are mystery shopping a really high-end women's store in a mall in St. Louis when a shooting and robbery take place. Alyce, the protected, wealthy, suburban housewife is shocked, but Josie, who lives in the real world, accepts the incident as a part of what is going on in our society. Little do the two women know that this is not the last murder in which they will find themselves involved. Alyce's sheltered existence is threatened when her husband is accused of the murder of a famous designer and Josie takes on herself to try to help her friend. Action packed with more plot twists then a pretzel is my description of this book.

I thought this book was more than just a fun read, although it is that. The author paints a picture of several segments of our society and it is not a pretty sight. I believe the author captures the meanness and pettiness of wealthy, sheltered individuals and how they will turn on one another in a heartbeat if they perceive some social faux pas has been committed. I liked this book for its action, plot twists, and social commentary. I like Josie Marcus as a character and hope to read more. What do you think?

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