Monday, February 18, 2008

ANGELS FALL By Baron Birtcher

The disappearance of a teenage girl draws former LAPD detective, Mike Travis away from his scuba charter business and into a culture driven by designer drugs, sex and murder. Travis lives in paradise on one of the islands in Hawaii, but he uncovers a world built on secrets that is far from paradise. The reader watches in fascination as a whirlpool sucks characters into its black vortex while they struggle to save themselves.

The novel is populated with interesting characters. Mike Travis has an interesting, complex life. There are multiple themes running through this book. Family and influence is one strong theme throughout the book. There is an interesting juxtaposition of how family beliefs and influence can save one young person, yet doom another. The characters are faced with hard choices, just like the ones we face each day. Old Hawaii rubs up against a New Hawaii where development, handled the wrong way, reeks havoc on beliefs and individuals.

Birtcher, who lives in the Islands, has done a masterful job of creating characters the reader cares about and a complex plot that easily holds the reader's attention. I want to read more Mike Travis mysteries! I want to live in Hawaii! What do you think?

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