Thursday, February 21, 2008

THE LIGHTHOUSE KEEPER: A Beckoning Death By Luisa Buehler

If you like a good ghost story, this is a novel for you! It's set on Christian Island where a real lighthouse still exists. Have you ever been in a real lighthouse? I can certainly understand why the author chose to set a creepy ghost story there. Lighthouses are isolated, lonely places. They would also be strange places to live in because of the round shape and the constant going up/down the stairs and the secret passages behind the bookcases of course.

Grace Marsden is an amateur sleuth with some interesting quirks of her own. If you have ever watched the television series "MONK", author Luisa Buehler characterizes Grace as "Monk in a skirt!" I laughed out loud when she said that! But it gives you insight into who Grace Marsden is. She suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder which lends her a certain reality. I mean we all have our little "quirks" don't we?

With a troubled marriage and recent haunting memories of ghosts, bones and death, Grace Marsden needs solace. She accepts an invitation from her old childhood friend to come for a visit to Christian Island. Georgian Bay in January, the off-season, proves a perfect spot for rest and relaxation until a fluke snowstorm shatters the serenity. Grace and nine other people are trapped on the island and are the prime suspects in a mysterious death. Death and danger seem to follow Grace. The ghost of the lighthouse keeper beckons her, but is he going to warn her or will she be another victim? Questions to be answered by reading the wonderful, suspenseful novel! This is the fifth book in the Grace Marsden series and the action continues laced with romance, murder and mystery! All of my favorite "food groups!" What do you think?

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