Friday, February 8, 2008


This is an absolutely wonderful slice of life book about a fictional southern town called Lambs Corner in South Carolina. The author has populated this book with memorable characters.
The story rotates around two main characters, John Dodge and Julia Darrow.

When Julia's life in Chicago falls apart after the death of her husband, she moves to small town South Carolina and opens a wonderful shop she calls "Cocoon" specializing in luxury linens. John Dodge is the literal definition of a "travelin' man." He makes a living moving around the country, "fixing " small businesses on the brink of disaster. He finds himself in Lambert Square where he has purchased an odd little shop that specializes in collectible pens.

The joy of this book is the wonderful way the author has of taking a cast of interesting mostly Southern characters and crafting a story that will have the reader laughing and crying.

I really loved this book. I love the way the characters have depth and breadth and I cared about each one of them. I love the way Lambert Square comes alive in the mind of the reader. I love the relationships the author shows us, complicated and interesting. I love the love stories.

If you enjoy a novel that hasn't one car chase (well, only one cross country drive), or murder or police chase, but shows the human condition with all of its complications, then you will love this book as much as I did. Thank you, Rosina, for writing it and letting me come along with you as a reader. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl -- I had such a fun time talking to you for the interview, and of course I am thrilled that you love the novel so much. Thanks for inviting me into your reading universe.