Friday, February 1, 2008

THEY DID IT WITH LOVE By Kate Morgenroth

Set in lovely, wealthy Greenwich, Connecticut, this novel reminded me of an Agatha Christie mystery titled "TEN LITTLE INDIANS" or "AND THEN THERE WERE NONE." I thought of that novel because of the number of characters (5 couples = 10 people) and it seemed to me that the wealthy neighborhood in which the action takes place could indeed be considered "an island." Also, Morganroth uses a Christie quote from "THEY DO IT WITH MIRRORS" at the beginning of the novel, "To have trusted! To have believed... and it was lies--all lies."

Sofie is the voice we hear most often in the novel. She and her husband, Dean, are New Yorkers who decide to leave the rat race of the City. Sofie has come into an inheritance that makes the move to the largest house in this posh neighborhood possible. Ironically, there is a mystery book club run by the Diva of the neighborhood, Priscilla. And it is the book club that is the source of gossip, social gatherings, affairs and murder. This well thought out novel is a real "page turner" as they say. Listen to the interview and find out what Morganroth has to say about the readers of mystery fiction!

I always try to figure out "who done it" in each mystery I read. I didn't see this one coming. A question asked by one of the characters has really left me with food for thought: "Why do you like to read mysteries?" Alex asks Sofie. I love mysteries and have been trying to come up with my answer to that question ever since I read it. Why do you read mysteries?

hear the author interview

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