Tuesday, March 25, 2008


This is a wonderful slice-of-life novel with all sorts of themes relating to friendship, hardship, growing up, women's support for one another and forgiveness to name a few.

The main character,Georgia Walker, is a "mompreneur" and owner of a knitting shop in New York called Walker and Daughter. She does indeed have a wonderful daughter, Dakota, who is the center of Georgia's life. As a single mom and business owner, Georgia deals with all of the issues of any single, working parent... no time for yourself, kids don't come with instruction books, her father isn't here to help, etc.

The shop is frequented by an eclectic group of women who range in age from 20's to 70's. One Friday evening, they all just seem to gather informally and the knitting club is born.

The cast of wonderful, interesting characters who populate this novel are such fun to read about. The reader may identify women in their own lives who fit the descriptions these characters they seem so real.

The author holds a mirror up to a group of women whose lives reflect what many of us have gone through. There is joy, laughter, and not a few tears not only for the characters, but also for ourselves. I really enjoyed the novel. What do you think?

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