Monday, May 5, 2008

THE PURSUIT:  Wisdom for the Adventure of Your Life By Pat Williams

In this small, but powerful book, the reader is introduced to a man, Mr. R. E. Littlejohn, who influenced the life of Pat Williams through his wisdom and philosophy of life.

There are six key principles the author learned from Mr. Littlejohn.  
1.  Control What You Can
2.  Be Patient
3.  Pay Your Dues
4.  Keep It Simple
5.  Don't Run From Problems
6.  Pay Attention to the Little Things

Pat shares his personal growth under the watchful eyes of Mr. Littlejohn.  Pat has spent more than 45 years in professional sports from farm club baseball to co-founder of the NBA Orlando Magic where he currently serves as Senior Vice President.  He shares with the reader how Mr. Littlejohns wisdom transformed his life and the book is a tribute.  Pat also believes it is now time to "pay it forward" and pass on some of the wisdom he has learned.  What do you think?

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