Monday, July 14, 2008

KEN FERGUSON:  Talking With The Wheel

I interviewed one of the authors, Ted Rowland.

My first impression of the book came from the photographs.  I am no art critic, but the work I saw immortalized in the pages of this book is extraordinary.  It captured my imagination and my attention.

The book traces the life and work of Ken Ferguson, a world-renowned ceramist.  His work is exhibited around the world in museums and some of it is held in private collections.  It is raw and stunning.  The four men who contribute to this book do so as a tribute to a the talent of an individual as well as to the art.  The book traces Ferguson's life and his work ending with the eulogy given by Ted Rowland at his funeral in September, 2004.  What a loss to the world of art.

The book is available through Ted Rowland's website

I was mesmerized and intrigued.  What do you think? 

hear the interview

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