Monday, August 18, 2008


Admiral Jake Grafton, now a spy for the CIA, is approached by a group of international billionaires who want to fund a private army to fight terrorism.  He gets a "Mission Impossible" clearance   (if anything happens, we disavow any knowledge of the operation) to work with the group and is drawn into battle with an old nemesis, Abu Qasim.

The rich and powerful often feel untouchable, but there is an informant within the billionaire's midst and the body count begins rise.  Who is behind the leak?  How does Qasim manage to stay one step ahead?  Has the hunter become the hunted?

Jake Grafton and Tommy Carmellini are caught in a web of danger, intrigue and non-stop action trying to anticipate Qasim's next move.  Carmelline infiltrates the ranks of the rich and famous by tracking an old flame who is a gorgeous, seductive woman who may  or may not be Quasim's daughter.  Is she trying to protect Qasim or kill him herself?  Carmellini must rely on all of his wits and street smarts if he and Grafton are to get to the bottom of who is actually behind the methodical killings of the wealthy and powerful vigilante team before the chameleon Qasim slips through the net again.  

Fabulous read ... fun, exciting, a real page turner!  What do you think?    

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