Saturday, September 20, 2008

By Tosca Reno

We hear or read the headlines too often - "OBESITY IN CHILDREN AT AN ALL TIME HIGH1" or "TYPE 2 DIABETES ON THE RISE IN CHILDREN!" or 'EATING DISORDERS ARE ON THE RISE IN AMERICA!" You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a nutritionist to know this is not good.

Tosca Reno is a success story who took charge of her own life by making lifestyle and dietary changes that improved not only the quality of her life, but also her health. Her latest book builds on the "Eat-Clean" philosophy and expands it to include children.

I like her approach to dietary change. The book is well done and filled with practical ideas and the science to back them up. For example, "Tosca's Top-10 INSTANT Kitchen Makeovers" suggests small changes like using sea salt for regular table salt, substituting agave nectar for sugar.

Since the focus of this book is children, there are snacks and even suggestions for celebrations like Birthdays. I lol when I saw the recipe for "Birthday Slime" with the following description: "Somehow things that are gross and disgusting always capture the attention of even the most adult birthday celebrant. Here is a recipe for homemade slime that will be the center of attention at your next big party." Sorry, you'll have to get the book to get the recipe!

The book also looks good. The photographs are really well-done. I like the book. What do you think?

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