Saturday, September 27, 2008

By Sonia Ricotti

The book is a delightful combination of motivational quotes and good, solid advice. Sonia makes the ideas behind the Law of Attraction "plain and simple," just as the title promises.

One thing I particularly like is the interactive element. Ricotti presents a step-by-step way to move forward. The steps she proposes include:
  • Affirm What You Want
  • Determine Your Thoughts and Feelings
  • Keep the End in Mind
  • Connect Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Choose Friends Carefully
  • Accept Positive Change
At the conclusion of each short discussion, the reader is given an action to take to reinforce the ideas. Research shows that if we interact with information within 24 hours of hearing or reading it, we are more likely to incorporate it into our behavior. This is an excellent little book to reinforce the powerful effects of positive thinking in these difficult times. I plan to give copies as gifts and recommend the book to the students in my Stress Management classes. What do you think?

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