Thursday, February 5, 2009

ROAD RULES:  Be The Truck.  Not The Squirrel.
By Andrew Sherman

This book has nothing to do with dead animals.  Andrew Sherman is using the metaphor of the highway to represent life, and the decisions we make behind the wheel for the decisions people make on a daily basis.  It's very effectively and humorously done.

Sherman uses statistics,  pop culture references and life terminology to elaborate twelve rules of the road.  One example is Be The Truck.  Not The Squirrel.  Sherman explains that forty-one million squirrels get run over each year because they scamper back and forth across the road, dodging traffic, with no strategy or plan other than to find the nuts.  A truck, on the other hand, is big and powerful.  Trucks and truck drivers carry valuable cargo.  They have a plan, a destination, a road map, and an understanding of basic rules and laws so that they don't cause accidents, or get lost.  There are also eight critical concepts that are essential to "being a truck."

I really enjoyed this approach.  Sherman has done his homework.  What do you think? 

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