Thursday, February 5, 2009

By Donna Andrews

This is the holiday/winter offering in the Meg Langslow mystery series.

Meg has agreed to be the chairman of the Caerphilly holiday parade.  The theme this year is the Twelve Days of Christmas and the whole town is involved.  The parade has become so "famous" that townspeople from miles around come to watch and enjoy the festivities.  This year, there is a big city reporter who shows up to cover the event.  What's his motive?  Is he there to make the citizens look foolish or to make fun of the event or to just call it "quaint?"

This wouldn't be a mystery without a good, old-fashioned murder.  One of the town's Scrooge's has been cast as Santa Clause.  He ends up dead and the 12 Geese are suspect because there is a goose feather found near the body.  

Donna does such a good job with this novel.  People aren't who you think they are and some of them are motivated to perpetrate some rather underhanded schemes on their fellow citizens.  I enjoy the Meg Langslow mysteries and this one is no exception.  What do you think?

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