Monday, March 9, 2009

CODE OF SILENCE A Ben Reese Mystery
By Sally Wright

1947:  Miriam Gold, a linguist at Arlington Hall, a high-security US decoding and decrypting facility, dies while trying to get information to her friend and colleague, Carl Walker.  Suicide over a love affair gone bad is suggested, but Carl cannot believe this is true.

Fast-forward ten years - Ben Reese is in the midst of mourning the loss of his beloved wife and their unborn son, when he receives a cryptic letter from Carl Walker.  Although Walker is a distant acquaintance, Ben discovers Carl is missing after asking for help in tracking a man by the name of Weisberg.  Carl has reason to believe that Weisberg not only has something to do with the death of Miriam Gold, but that he also is guilty of breaching US security and sharing secrets with the Russians.

The novel is part fact, part fiction.  It weaves a story of love, death, and international intrigue involving the Venona Code, a real Soviet code partially decrypted by the US and Britain.

I really enjoy Sally Wright's writing style.  Her complex plots are fascinating to watch unwind.  The Ben Reese character is based on a real, live person who makes his living as an archivist at a local University.  His experiences as a tracker in World War II are the basis for the novels.  

I really enjoy reading a good murder mystery and I loved this one!  What do you think?  

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