Tuesday, March 24, 2009

MY BIG BOOK OF HEALING:  Restore Your Body, Renew Your Mind, and Heal Your Soul
By Echo Bodine

Due to the current state of chaos in our lives, this book seems so timely.  The author gives practical advice and solutions for "healing" eighteen illnesses, addictions, and "distractions," such as stress and depression, loss and grieving, fear and resentment.

All of us are under a tremendous amount of stress and stress is described as "the fever of burnout."  I found Chapter 7, Negative Feelings and Beliefs, particularly interesting.  There is also healing information from a gender specific standpoint in Section III. 
Not only are stress issues addressed, but also food and weight, relationships, parenting and pregnancy, intuition and so much more.

I enjoyed the interview with Echo very much and her book is one I plan to keep as a reference for myself whenever I need to be reminded of positive steps I can take.  What do you think?  

hear the interview

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