Saturday, May 23, 2009

By Meredith Cole

Art as death or should that be death as art?  

Photographer Lydia McKenzie finds an old book titled "Lost Girls" that details unsolved murders of young women in New York.  It inspires her to create a series of photographs based on the descriptions in the book.  She uses her friends as models and the idea generates enough interest to get her first gallery show.

Lydia is on top of the world until her friends start dying just like the photographs she has taken of them.  She becomes a suspect in the multiple homicide case and her own life is turned upside down when someone breaks into her very unsecured apartment.

Worried that the detectives assigned to the case aren't doing all that they should, Lydia sets out to find the killer.  She becomes convinced that the murderer knows far too much to be a stranger and has to be among her fellow artists in the hip area known as Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  

Kidnapped off of the street and thrown into the back of a van, is Lydia to become the killers next victim?

The idea of death as art is intriguing.  This isn't a horror book, it's an intriguing mystery set in the art community.  I think it works well because Lydia McKenzie is a character readers like and her work isn't done with any weird motivation.  This was fun to read and a great escape.  What do you think?

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