Monday, June 29, 2009


A posting on a blog, The Chilton Report, about a fatal car accident involving a troubled teenage boy, Travis Brigham, inspires vicious attacks. He disappears shortly after being questioned by California Bureau of Investigations foremost body language expert, Kathryn Dance. Fingers point to him as a killer when roadside crosses begin to appear, not as memorials, but as predictions of deaths to come. All of the victims have some connection to the blog and the lynch mob mentality that has arisen.

Travis is able to avoid capture by using techniques he learned as a brilliant participant in MMORPGs, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. He easily eludes his pursuers and continues to track his victims, some of whom Kathryn is able to save and some not.

Meanwhile, Kathryn has her own set of problems. Her mother, a nurse, is arrested and accused of the mercy killing of a young police officer horribly injured in a fire. The young officer was part of a team working with Kathryn Dance and Deputy Michael O'Neil on a previous case.

Among the obstacles Kathryn must hurdle are politicians from Sacramento, paranoid parents, threats to her own life and the blogger himself, James Chilton.

Deaver is a consummate story teller. This novel is filled with his signature plot twists, cliff-hangers and heartrending personal subplots. It is a contemporary novel with website addresses that will enhance the readers experience. He has created a politically themed blog, The Chilton Report, and a real body of work for the fictional blogger, James Chilton. I think Deaver has reached out to a new audience with this High Tech thriller. What do you think?

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