Sunday, July 12, 2009


Kat Griffiths is a shopaholic. She loves shopping and buying. Her husband, Griff, does not love her shopping and buying. Hence, she tries to hide things, he finds out and they fight about it.

One day she accidentally discovers two Mint Tingle Trojan condom wrappers in her husbands pants pocket. She also finds his secret bank account and questionable e-mails he is exchanging with his attractive research assistant. Kat has seen these signs before in one of her friends marriages and it can only mean one thing, Griffs is going to divorce her.

Shaken, head-over-heels in debt and without a clue how to save money, Kat finds herself in full panic mode. She joins an eclectic group of savers called the Penny Pinchers Club who meet at the local library. Soon, she finds herself obsessed with saving and doing crazy things she can't believe she is doing, like pumping gas at dawn, dumpster diving for food, and clipping coupons. Just as she is at her craziest, an old flame reappears who is so handsome and so rich, it almost makes divorce seem appealing. Can Kat's marriage be saved? Will she run away with her old flame? Has Griff made a terrible mistake?

I really enjoyed the novel because it's funny and I can identify with Kat. No, I don't think my husband is having an affair. I am a shopaholic too. It's truly "retain therapy." The book is funny but there are also some serious messages about consumerism. Pages 289-290 are tips from the Penny Pinchers Club. What fun. What do you think?

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