Monday, July 27, 2009

This weeks show on INSIDE THE WRITER’S CAFÉ features interviews with:

SEDUCE ME by Robyn DeHart and DRAGONS PREFER BLONDS by Candace Havens

In SEDUCE ME, Fielding Grey unwittingly becomes involved with a mysterious group of millionaires, an unscrupulous antiquities collector, and the irresistible Esme Worthington. All of them have the same goal, to possess the legendary Pandora’s Box. Action, intrigue, and a life-threatening curse are all part of this wonderful historic romance novel. The reader will not be disappointed because hot sparks fly between Fielding and the intelligent, attractive Ms. Worthington.

Review: I like romance novels. They are such a wonderful way to escape and use the imagination. This one is particularly well done. I also like English mysteries. This novel incorporates all of my favorite things: an intriguing, well-written story, set in England, interesting characters, and lots of action. I really enjoyed myself and I think you will too. What do you think

In DRAGONS PREFER BLONDS, Alex Caruthers knows it’s time to kick some serious dragon booty when she uncovers a plot among the dragons to help evil take over the world. To make matters worse, Ginjin, the dragon warrior who has tried to kill Alex several times, has just chosen her as his mate. Life is always interesting for the Caruthers sisters, Guardians of the Earth.

Review: This novel is pure fantasy and a really enjoyable story. The Caruthers sisters are "Guardians of the Earth." They are all beautiful, successful, strong female characters who find their lives in jeopardy from all kinds of evil supernatural creatures and a few human villains as well. These novels are fun. I like the series and look forward to the next one! What do you think?

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