Saturday, September 19, 2009


Rachel and Daniel Stroeb are murdered in their palatial home on Lotus Island, a gated community where this sort of thing just doesn't happen.

Their son, Jeremy Stroeb, is a free-wheeling young man who likes to avoid responsibility and has been living "the good life" backpacking around Europe. He is suddenly faced not only with the death of his parents, but he must take care of his little sister, Elise.

With steely, urgent resolve, Jeremy vows to find out what really happened to his parents. His mother, Rachel, is a respected CPA and senior partner in her firm. His father, Daniel, is a college professor. On the surface there appears to be absolutely no reason that either of these respected members of the community should be killed so savagely, but as Jeremy digs into the background of his parents, he finds he didn't really know them at all.

A tangled web hides the killers true identity and as Jeremy unravels the web, he learns lessons about mortality, family, and the lines between perception and reality as he is taken on an extraordinary journey into adulthood.

This is an excellent novel filled with suspense. If you like a good murder mystery with lots of "red herrings," you will enjoy this one. What do you think?

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