Monday, September 14, 2009

MAKEOVERS CAN BE MURDER: A Fat City Mystery by Kathryn Lilley

Plus-sized TV news reporter Kate Gallagher finds herself in the position of exposing more than a murderer. She must bare her plus-sized body in a bikini on-camera or risk losing her job to her studio rival.Kate is always fighting the battle of the bulge with her weight, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. Currently, she is working on an assignment to expose expose weight loss scams.

While attending a meeting of the Newbodies, a women's weight loss support group, she renews an acquaintance with an old friend who winds up dead under circumstances that just don't make sense. It seems someone may be targeting the Newbodies membership. Apparently the killer has an appetite for curvy victims. Love gone bad and the pursuit of a killer become ways for Kate to trim down.

The Fat City Mystery series and the character of Kate Gallagher are favorites of mine. The stories are a nice mixture of humor, and who-done-it. This is another of the books that work really well for me. The plot is interesting and lets me escape all of the bad news in our world. What do you think?

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