Wednesday, October 14, 2009


University of Texas graduate, Luke Dantry, has a job that keeps him on the cutting edge of the war on terror, but behind his computer screen where he feels safe and anonymous. He works for his stepfather's Washington think tank infiltrating a maze of extremist websites he nicknames "the Night Road." Luke's job is to gather data and information about violent-prone malcontents as a way to help prevent terrorism. His sudden kidnapping at gunpoint makes him understand that the Night Road runs much deeper than he thought. Luke is left for dead in an isolated cabin. It is then he realizes that the research he has been doing is a threat to the Night Road and its reach extends much closer to home than he imagined.

After a daring escape, the Night Road masterminds on his heels, he flees from Texas to the streets of Chicago, to the high-rises of New York and the landmarks of Paris. While running for his life, Luke uncovers a trail of dirty money, terror, vengeance, and betrayal. Luke must negotiate a path between unconditional trust and unspeakable behavior in order to stop the Night Road before their horrible master plan can come to fruition.

This is truly a thriller! For most of us, the Internet is a tool we use daily for business, communication, education, and/or networking. But, the Internet has become en equally important tool for terrorists, a breeding ground for new converts and a simple, anonymous way to connect with like-minded individuals and plan their attacks. I had no idea there is a Dark Web Terrorism Research at the University of Arizona - This novel scared me with it's touch of reality. What do you think?

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