Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 21
Snow? In March? Yes, absolutely. It snowed last night and the bushes and trees look like they have white frosting on them. Texas weather during the month of March is always unpredictable, but this is really wild... it was 70 degrees on Friday, then snowed Saturday night.

ATTENTION JANE AUSTEN FANS! I have a couple of ideas for shows involving the work of Jane Austen. Her unfinished novel, SANDITON, has been completed by Juliete Shapiro. I am curious and would like to interview Ms. Shaprio on my internet radio show INSIDE THE WRITER'S CAFE, about her courageous choice to "finish" the unfinished manuscript of someone who has such a strong following.

I also found an intriguing book, 33 GREAT WRITERS ON WHY WE READ JANE AUSTEN edited by Susannah Carson. I am planning to read the book and try to interview Susan Carson about the book and the writers whose opinions are represented in the book on my internet radio show INSIDE THE WRITER'S CAFE.

Here is an intriguing idea I found in one of the catalogs. It seems for a fee, you can write yourself and your friends into the Jane Austen novel, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. I can't wait to get the info.

If you're interested in listening to any of the interviews on my internet radio show INSIDE THE WRITER'S CAFE, here is the link to my host page at Let me know what you think.

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Kevin R. Tipple said...

Up here in Plano we were once again treated to about six inches. Of course, it was a little hard to tell, thanks to the winds blowing it all around.

At least this time, we were not subject to the usual sixteen reporters scattered around on overpasses and at the aiprorts on each channel telling us LIVE what was going on. :)))

Kevin R. Tipple