Friday, January 4, 2008

365 WAYS TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE (Without Being Born One) By Brian Koslow
Koslow uses 12 "Time Tested Principles For A Lifetime of Prosperity and Success." They are integrity, relationships, credibility, reputation, negotiation, listening, entrepreneurial ism, money, productivity, time, confrontation and leadership. I like this format for an advice book. I enjoy little bites of information. Research actually shows that the brain processes little bites more effectively. Each one of the 12 Principles has an introduction that validates why that particular principle is important and there are a series of short, succinct tips for each section. I like the tips particularly. The book will be useful, not only for it's personal advice, but also for quotes during presentations! I love quotes and am always looking for more. Let me know if you become a millionaire as a result of Koslow's book. I know several millionaires personally and while I am not one, I think I would enjoy that lifestyle too!

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