Friday, January 4, 2008

SLIM FOR LIFE: The Ultimate Health and Detox Plan by Dr. Gillian McKeith
It's that time of year when we usually make resolutions to eat better, lose some weight, exercise more, etc. I confess I am always intrigued by a new weight loss idea and any new cookbook! This one is beautiful, that's what first caught my attention was the way this lovely book looks! The photographs are sumptuous. I looked to see who did them I liked them so much. Two different photographers are featured in the book, Colin Bell (portrait photography) and the wonderful Benoit Audureau (food photography).

Dr. McKeith has a quote on the cover. She says, "Step by step, day by day, I will make it easy for you." The book takes a no-nonsense approach. The first thing you are asked to do is a food diary, not really new news, but Dr. McKeith actually tells you why it's important. I like the structured approach of the book. I am always looking for ways to make myself healthier. There are daily meal plans, supplement recommendations, and recipes in the book. I am always looking for recipes, not that I am such a great cook, but I love to try new things.

Some advice. If you're considering any weight loss program or exercise program, always, always talk with your doctor before you begin. Take a copy of this book with you to the appointment and let the doc review the program before you jump into it. I don't know if this program is for you, but you've got to at least take a look at the photographs! Some of them I would frame! What do you think?

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