Friday, January 18, 2008

This is a most unusual book. The author shares her inner most desire with you dear reader. Her inner most desire, ever since she can remember, was to be a princess. Yes, many girls have similar dreams, but Jerramy Fine carries her dream to the nth degree! She identifies her prince in the family tree of the Windsor family, Peter Phillips,( the Queen's oldest grandson) when she is 6 years old. She spends her childhood writing love letters to Peter c/o Buckingham Palace, and she actually moves to London to try to make her dream come true! Once in her beloved England, she discovers that life is not the Hugh Grant movie she thought it would be.

This book is an often hilarious, and is a heartwarming true story about following your heart and having the courage to pursue your childhood dream no matter how impossible it may seem. The author has many adventures including meeting Princess Ann (Peter Phillips mum), befriending Earl Spencer and partying with the Duchess of York. Not bad for a girl born of hippie parents in Colorado! What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent interview. Very informative. I'm going to get the book. I'm looking forward to more interviews.