Thursday, January 17, 2008

THREE SHIRT DEAL:  A Shane Skully Novel By Stephen J. Cannell
Okay, I admit it.  I love action fiction.  Stephen J. Cannell is one of my favorite writers.  His fast-paced detective fiction never disappoints.  He is a true craftsman of words and action. 

Detective Shane Skully  is a bit of a maverick within the Los Angeles PD.  His marriage to his boss, Alexa Skully, is in trouble and he finds himself in trouble professionally as well.  A small time crook is convicted of killing his mother and sent to the brutal prison facility Corcoran, but the felon claims that he is innocent.  The path to determining the guilt or innocence of thisman  leads Skully into a dark underworld where police corruption and Hispanic gang violence are connected to millionaires and top of the political food chain.  Lives literally hang in the balance.  

The plot is complex as are the characters.  I loved this book.  I found myself having trouble putting this one down.  I think this one of Cannell's best Shane Skully works.  If you like action, you'll enjoy this one!  It's a real roller coaster!   

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