Wednesday, March 5, 2008

CHECKMATE By Karna Small Bodman

Terrorism, murder, cutting edge technology and romance all throb through the plot of this novel. The events are based on fact and sound as if they could have been ripped from yesterdays headlines.

Dr. Cameron Talbot is a brilliant scientist who is on the brink of inventing a new technology to defend against an attack by cruise missiles, but she needs funding to carry on her important, cutting edge work. In an effort to gain government funding, she appears before the House Armed Services Committee where she attracts the attention not only of the committee chair, but also that of Lt. Col. Hunt Daniels. Col. Daniels, detailed from the Pentagon to the White House National Security Council, is not only very interested in Dr. Talbot's work, but in Dr. Cammie Daniels herself. There is immediate sexual sizzle between the two of them.

But disaster is brewing overseas as a militant group in the disputed region of Kashmir send one of their agents to Washington to steal Dr. Talbot's technology. The scientist and the NSC staffer find themselves enmeshed in a terrorist plot and political wrangling at the highest levels. The tension and intrigue escalate as two nuclear-armed countries stand on the brink of war.

The author, Karna Small Bodman, is a former Washington "insider" having served in the White House for six years, She also is a former TV reporter and news anchor. Her insider perspective coupled with her reporter savvy blends to create a story that rings with excitement and tension, both sexual as well as political. If you like espionage fiction, you will enjoy this book. What do you think?

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