Monday, March 3, 2008

THIEVES OF FAITH By Richard Doetsch

This is an action novel with a capital "A"! Michael St. Pierre, a master thief, has the ultimate motivation to attempt the heist of the century deep in the dark, forgotten catacombs of the Kremlin. Several lives depend upon his success. Thousands of years of religious faith depend upon it. And Michael's conscience, skill, and passion will not let him fail.

The novel takes the reader on a world tour from the shores of America to Russia to Corsica. Michael matches his skill and cunning against a villain who has it all... money, power, personal magnetism and a black soul. There is non-stop action and more than a few plot twists. It's hard to talk about this complex multi-plot novel without giving too much away.

This is not a quick read, but one that will hold the reader's attention and keep the pages turning! I really enjoyed it. What do you think?

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