Monday, April 14, 2008


This is a novel that makes you think about a difficult situation from several different points of view. You will find yourself asking "What would I do?" over and over.

The story revolves around a true account in Florida of hit-and-run incident where a young boy is killed. The driver of the car is devastated and wants to turn himself in, but is afraid of the consequences. He hires a lawyer and charges the lawyer with the task of negotiating a plea agreement while at the same time keeping his client's name secret.

Having given you the main idea, let's explore some of the questions raised:
1. The hit-and-run driver has evoked attorney-client confidentiality. Can the simple name of a client be "privileged information?"

2. What if the court says that the lawyer indeed does not have to reveal his client's identity? What if the court says the lawyer is required to reveal his client's name but he won't. Should he be put in jail?

3. What about the parents of the child? How will they feel in either case?

5. How far would a parent go to find out the name of the person who killed their child?

6. How would the attorney feel? He is truly on the horns of a moral and ethical dilemma.

The author explores all of these questions and more in this fascinating novel. It's intriguing with more than a few unexpected plot twists. What do you think?

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