Tuesday, April 8, 2008

THE MAGIC GOWN: A Colorfully Illustrated Adventure Story

This is such a lovely modern fairy tale! I loved the book.

The story is about Lilly Segovia who is an 11 year old girl who is moving. Just as she is about to leave, an event happens that will change her life. She receives an extraordinary oyster shell from a seagull. This is the beginning of Lilly's adventure. It seems the shell is extraordinary and so is Lilly! At her new home, Lilly receives a mysterious package and unusual, mysterious visitors start popping up! She also hears the story of a boy about her age, Tom Finch, who is missing. Lilly makes it a point to get to know Tom's adoptive parents and she sees his picture. For some reason, she is fascinated by him. Lilly find herself transported to the Land of Ten Kings and Roses where she must undertake a quest involving the Magic Gown and Tom Finch. Her courage, ingenuity and patience will be thoroughly tested as she faces the unknown and fulfills her charmed destiny.

This is an enchanting book that gives young readers all sorts of positive messages about relationships, friendship, respect, manners, and doing the right thing. This would be a terrific book to use for bedtime stories. I can also see many opportunities for art projects to further encourage young imaginations and creativity. What do you think?

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