Wednesday, November 5, 2008

CLUBBED TO DEATH: A Dead End Job Mystery
By Elaine Viets

Helen Hawthorne just can't seem to catch a break. After catching her husband, Rob, in "the act" with one of her neighbors, Helen beats up his SUV with a tire iron. Rather than viewing Helen as the injured party, the divorce judge rules that Helen must give Rob half of everything she has earned! Thus the journey begins for Helen. She runs away to Florida to hide in plain sight taking whatever dead end job she can find.

Helen's latest job is in the Customer Service area of a very high-end yacht club where the members are a cast of characters in themselves. Rob and his new bride, the infamous "Black Widow, sail their yacht into the club and right back into Helen's life. After having a public fight with her ex, he turns up missing and Helen is the number one suspect. There are surprises and plot twists galore in this entertaining mystery.

I confess I always enjoy Elaine Viets work. It's fun to read and provides such a "great escape." I also admire Elaine for working at every dead end job she writes about in her novels. What do you think?

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