Wednesday, November 5, 2008

IMMUNITY: An Alexandra Blake Novel
By Lori Andrews

I know reviewers and movie trailers use the phrase "ripped out of today's headlines" way too much, but this novel has that feel about it. The reader feels as if he/she is seeing the story behind those words.

The DEA is investigating a new date rape drug called "J" that wreaks havoc on its victims. Castro Baxter and his partner Ted are on a mob stakeout when suddenly Ted literally drops dead in a horrible, inexplicable way. Baxter, believes there is more to his partner's untimely death then meets the eye and Dr. Alexandra Blake finds herself right in the middle of a medical mystery.

As Alex becomes more deeply involved in the investigation, she discovers other unexplained deaths that seem to indicate some kind of naturally occurring epidemic or a biological weapon. What's going on? Are the two investigations linked? What role does the head of a major pharmaceutical company have? Lives hang in the balance in this timely, tightly written thriller.

I carefully choose the books I post on this blog and this one is an excellent choice. What do you think?

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