Saturday, February 21, 2009

by Jaqueline Fullerton

Anne Marshall is a court reporter and law student. Anne's father was an attorney and they had hoped to practice together, but this hope was lost when her father died two years ago.

Anne finds herself the court reporter in a messy divorce case involving friends of her parents, Tim and Isabell Sherman. Recently, she has not been sleeping well. She dreams of her father giving her warnings about Tim Sherman. It seems dear old departed Dad has a real interest in this case, so much of an interest that he pays Anne a visit.

As the unlikely duo of Anne and her father's ghost set out to prove Tim Sherman's deception, they find assets aren't the only thing he might be hiding. But attempting to uncover the truth has unforeseen consequences when a bizarre chain of events begins to unfold involving murder and mayhem. Ann's life is danger and who comes to the rescue?

I found the novel entertaining and clever. I like the idea of the Ghost Dad, it's a nice twist. This is the first in a series of Anne Marshall novels. I look forward to watching Anne "grow up" in the series and I am curious about what role Ghost Dad will play. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

What a delightful read. I'd recommend the book highly.