Saturday, February 21, 2009

By A. Scott Pearson

Dr. Eli Branch seems destined for academic stardom as a surgeon-scientist. But his dreams are interrupted by a late night call form the Chief of Vascular Surgery to assist in an already fatal operation. The patient is a long friend from his childhood and his death creates a series of questions.

Meg Daily, a forensic pathologist joins forces with Eli to investigate the suspicious death. Together they uncover an elaborate web of lies spun by Eli's late father, a longtime professor of Anatomy at Mid-South Medical College in Memphis. Instead of finding answers, Eli and Meg find more questions and more victims, each one meeting a sudden, unexpected violent end.

As Eli and Meg plunge into the world of deadly medicine, they are trapped in the paradox of ending one life to save another. They are in a life-or-death race against time and one false step could have fatal consequences.

The novel is written by a surgeon and physician. That insight, gives the novel a unique touch of reality. Not only is the novel entertaining, but also educational. I think it is easy to forget just how human physician's are. This novel reminds us that all health care professionals have complicated lives outside the hospital. What do you think?

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