Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THE SURVIVORS CLUB:  The Secrets and Science That Could Save Your Life
By Ben Sherwood

Did you know?
-Every hour, of every day 136 people lose their jobs.
-Every hour, 80 families can't hold on to their homes.
-Every hour, 330 people are injured in auto accidents.
-Every hour, 171 people are victimized by violent crime.
-Every hour, 160 people are diagnosed with cancer.

These statistics came from the book.  Don't you wonder who survives and thrives and who doesn't?  Who bounces back from adversity and who surrenders to it?  What do survivors and thrivers know about beating the odds that we don't?  This book has some intriguing answers to these questions.

The book explores "What does it really take to overcome life's greatest challenges? And what kind of survivor are you?"  There are true stories and some surprising research.  The author did personal research with the U.S. military survival schools and the FAA's airplane evacuation course.  He even underwent genetic testing to find out if he has the so-called "Resilience Gene."

One tidbit of information I found fascinating was about flight attendants.  I have always thought they were there for passenger comfort and to be helpful in times of emergency.  I had no idea that part of their job was to "profile" each passenger and determine which ones might be suspicious and to identify the ABP's (able-bodied passengers) who they could call on for help in case of an emergency.  ABP's are typically solo travelers who are alert, healthy, and physically fit.  They wear clothing that suggests they are some kind of military, law enforcement, or firefighter.   Thank you flight attendants for trying to keep me safe.

Readers are offered a unique opportunity to discover their own unique Survivor IQ.  Each book  comes with an access code printed on the underside of the dust jacket.  By going to, you can take the test.  I did and found it very interesting.

The book is filled with interesting information that may just save your life.  What do you think?

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