Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY:  How to Manage Generation Y
By Bruce Tulgan

 The multi-generational nature of the workplace has become the new, hot issue for organizations.  I can't tell you how much complaining I hear when I do training within organizations about how the "younger generation has no idea how to come to work and how to do the work.   It's not that they aren't intelligent, it's just that they don't seem to have any work ethic!"The frustration of managers and supervisors has reached epidemic proportions.

The author researched the so-called Generation Y's (born between 1978-1990) for more than a decade.  He believes that much of the information on how to deal with the influx of young workers is going in the wrong direction.  His approach of  "less Google, more United States Army"  is a clear departure from everything previously written on this subject.

Here are a few suggestions for frustrated supervisors and managers:
-NEVER undermine your own authority
-NEVER pretend that the job is going to be more "fun" than it is
-NEVER suggest that things are up to GenYers when they are not 
-NEVER gloss over details
-NEVER let problems slide
-NEVER offer praise or rewards for less than excellent performance (hence the book title)

His discussion of the difference between mentors, career coaches is interesting.  Tulgan believes that there has to be at least come compromise on how the workplace should be run, but both sides need to do some giving.  This is a different approach and I think it has merit.  What do you think?  

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