Monday, May 4, 2009

By Kate Jacobs

The novel revolves around August "Gus" Simpson, a TV cooking show host who is about to celebrate one of the big "O" birthdays, her 50th. For the first time ever, Gus, a consummate party enthusiast, cake lover and hostess both on and off the air, doesn't want to have a birthday party this year. Worse, her shows' ratings are in the tank and the Food Network is talking about taking her show off of the air.

Gus uses her creativity and internal fortitude to reinvent herself. The show becomes a "reality" cooking show featuring real people who are not only members of Gus's real family, but also extended family members, members of the staff and a Spanish beauty queen who is the current love interest of her boss. The show not only goes "live" but it also develops a "life." In the process of all of this change, the characters learn lessons not only about cuisine, but also about love.

I love Kate Jacobs writing style. Her "comfortable" way with words, plot and characters makes this novel fun to read. Her novels fit my definition of "slice-of-life." I really enjoyed reading about Gus and found myself rooting for her. I think you will find yourself caught up in the world of food, television, and business. You won't like all of the characters or all of the things that happen, but hey, welcome to life! What do you think?

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