Saturday, June 6, 2009

By S. K. O'Toole

This novel is a combination of an old fashioned detective and new cyber crime, sort of Mike Hammer* meets World of Warcraft.

Denton Dodge is a private eye whose best friend dies under weird circumstances. His buddy, Jerry, is a beta tester for Real Whirled Games Software Corporation and his body is found hooked up to a computer in full VR gear. At first, it appears he has died from a heart attack, but a chance comment from one of the EMTs who responds to the call, leads Dodge to believe it is murder.

Dodge is led into the world of Real Whirled Games and begins to believe they have invented a game that is, quite literally, "to die for." His investigation in the real world takes him into the deadly fantasy world of the game when he must play for his life.

A fascinating action-packed novel that is fun and interesting to read. I enjoyed the book and learned a few things about gaming and virtual reality along the way. What do you think?

To hear my interview with S. K. O' Toole, go to this link on WebTalkRadio,
*Mike Hammer is a fictional detective created by Mickey Spillane.

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Anonymous said...

What is a "computer in full VR gear?"