Saturday, June 6, 2009

By Jon Land

Caitlin Strong is a fifth-generation Texas Ranger, proud to wear the badge of her father and grandfather.  She and her partner are caught in a firefight with drug mules from the Mexican Mafia and her partner is killed.  

Damaged not only physically, but also mentally Caitlin is  trying to purge herself of the guilt she feels as a result of the loss of her partner and ultimate resignation from the Texas Rangers.  She takes a job working with victims of torture and makes a shattering discovery that will reopen old wounds.  Caitlin's renewed investigation into the truth behind the bloody desert firefight uncovers a deadly plot that reaches into every American home and threatens the very core of this country.

Her only hope for success and survival is to team up with a deadly felon she sent to prison and who has every reason to want to see her dead.  Cort Wesley Masters is a deadly outlaw, but he holds the key to the truth Caitlin so desperately seeks.  Caitlin's tormented quest takes her into a dark world ranging from Washington to Bahrain to the wastelands of Mexico where she battles a giant of a killer sent after her by a mysterious Mexican Drug kingpin.

Wow, this is a really great novel.  I absolutely loved Caitlin Strong.  She is interesting, intelligent, and confident.  Plus the novel is great fun to read.  What do you think?

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