Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sarah Andrews feel lost and abandoned since the death of her husband. Her daughter wants her to "move on," her psychiatrist wants her to "heal her wounds," and everybody else wants her to get over the fact that her husband is dead.

Sarah makes the decision to "end it all," so she heads for the beach with the intention of never coming back. But the sea has other plans and instead of drowning, Sarah discovers a civilization under the sea, she believes she has actually met people from another dimension. Suddenly, she finds herself alive and back on the beach. Did the incident really happen or has the whole thing been the product of an over-active imagination?

Sarah's life takes another unexpected turn when she finds herself in trouble with the law as the main suspect in the disappearance of a young heiress. Her family and psychiatrist are withdrawing their support and turning against her. Her world is becoming an uninhabitable place. Sarah is faced with a decision.

This is an intriguing novel. Graham is not just a story of loss, grief, and dealing with the death of a spouse. She also mixes in the unusual elements of fantasy and suspense to create an interesting novel. Graham has lost her own husband and brings that experience to bear in the story, but this is not a depressing novel of death. It is rather one of hope and inspiration for women who are suffering from loss. What do you think?

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