Sunday, June 21, 2009


By Ellen Byerrum

In KILLER HAIR, a beautiful dead hairstylist, a straight razor and a horrendously bad haircut all make Lacey Smithsonian's spidey style senses tingle and say it's murder.

Lacey Smithsonian is the Crimes of Fashion beat reporter for a newspaper. She wears vintage clothes and trips over fashion clues in killer heels while accidentally finding the occasional dead body. She’s always in trouble and in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the aid of her partners in crime fighting and detection, attorney Brooke Barton and hairstylist Stella Lake, they take on the world of crime.

The novels are clever and fun to read. Ellen Byerrum has a terrific, intelligent sense of humor and a nose for a good story. She has done a wonderful job creating a unique character.

Two of the Crime Of Fashion Mystery novel series written by Ellen Byerrum have been turned into movies and will be seen on the LIFETIME network June 21 and June 28. To learn more about the Crime of Fashion novel series novels and to hear my interview with Ellen Byerrum, click on

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