Monday, June 15, 2009

By Amanda Scott

Scottish Baroness Jenny Easdale is not quite of-age when her widowed father dies. She is made a ward of a kinswoman, Lady Phaeline, and her husband Lord Dunwythie. Feeling duty bound to get Jenny married and keep as much of her fortune in the family as possible, Jenny finds herself betrothed to Phaeline's spoiled, irresponsible younger brother, Reid.

A betrothal feast is held featuring a troupe of hired minstrel's. Impulsively, Jenny sneaks off to join the troupe for a little adventure prior to her unwanted marriage. A hue and cry arises when she is discovered missing. Lord Dunwythie enlists the aid of Sir Hugh Douglas, Phaeline's older brother, to secretly go after Jenny and bring her back in time for the wedding. Sir Hugh is a knight and baron in his own right. He lost the love of his life in childbirth, vowing to never to remarry, he has no time or patience for the whims of a young woman.

Sir Hugh catches up with Jenny and the minstrels only to find that she has accidentally learned of a plot to attack the most powerful lord in all of Scotland, Sir Archibald Douglas. The unlikely duo become united not only as an act in the minstrel's show, but sparks of a very different kind begin to fly as they try to warn Archibald Douglas and prevent war.

I love historical romances and Amanda Scott is one of the best. Her well-researched and historically accurate Scottish novels are not only fun to read, but educational as well. Scott takes great pains to get the history "just right." This is the first novel in her new Scottish trilogy and is based on a real incident in Scottish history. Put this novel in your carry-on luggage or take it to the beach. What do you think?

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