Tuesday, November 17, 2009

By Luke Lively

Jack Oliver is a hard-working, not-quite-ethical Philadelphia banker who has always made the tough choices and sacrifices to achieve success. Reality sets in for Jack, when the family owned bank he works for is sold to a mega-bank. Jack finds himself knocked from the top rung to the bottom in short order.

Stress and bad lifestyle choices catch up with him. He lands in the hospital. While there he has a rude awakening: his children hate him, his ex-wife hates him and his girlfriend is only interested in the numbers on his paycheck.

Jack meets Benjamin Franklin Price, better known as "Benny" and his life is forever changed. He quite literally becomes a "new man" just like Scrooge in the famous Dickens story "A Christmas Carol." There are quotes throughout the book from Benny's wisdom. Luke Lively has quite cleverly written a "book within a book."

The book is very well written and you may feel like you know the main character. I think I might have even worked for him! Great story for any time of the year, but particularly relevant now. What do you think?

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